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So, what's ED's decision on HARMS on stations 4 & 6?

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Just curious. 


Also, Wag said this last year. I am confused, ED said it is possible but now they are considering removing it?


I wonder if ED is gonna remove HARMS on these stations just because of the community poll results that had only 285 people participated. I get ED is just asking for the community's feedback. The poll gives no valid data in my opinion since a lot of people do not participate in forum discussions, and there are a lot players around the globe who don't even speak English.


So, is ED going to tell us their final decision or we have to wait until they post the next patch notes?

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only 285 people participated.

I'm not re-opening the discussion about right or wrong about having 4 harms.

I do have doubts about the merit of the initiative: how can the results of a poll impact development of a module? If docs/ certified SMEs are adamant on the subject, then there is no need for the poll. So am I to believe they are not adamant on the subject?

And doubts about the method of the initiative. A statistical sample of 285 results is definitely NOT representative of the "wishes" of DCS: Viper owner, as I suspect several tens of thousands more copies have been sold.

My 2 cents suggestion to ED:

poll the module owners through the dcs start screen when connection to your servers is established, like a pop-up window. "Dear USERNAME, we value your opinion in making the MODULE NAME a superb experience, please contribute to this survey before proceeding" then mirror the results on the forum.

I think the technology to do so is out there, and you know which user has which module, so you can define precisely the survey target. You get a very significant statistical sample that way. Alternative is an email survey.
A good example was the survey about feature priority done in 2020 for F16/18, it had a good reach.

Bottom line is: if you open a survey, at least try to reach the largest population in target otherwise its results have little value.


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Dont expect a quick answer, 


We have documents and data to check and the team need time to discuss the feedback we got from the forum. 


When we are ready we will let you all know. 



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