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I gotta be missing something obvoius (standalone dcs) quest 2 pain

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i've played DCS off and on for a few years, 1800x amd, 1080, 32 gb ram on ssd. always ran great. A10, f18 etccc.

used to have a oculus s, now have  quest 2. trying to run via link. Game starts and it even the menu is slow, like 2 frames a second, i tested another application in link mode "google earth" to see if it has same issue, and it works great. odd thing is if i alt tab out of the game, everything seems great, but of course can't do anything, seems like some kind of active window issue, i tried using some settings via tray tool but nothing seems to make it any better... very weird.    goes not seem to be a link issue but a dcs issue, any ideas?  i am working my way thru the stickies




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Thanks for the report !

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