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Help With 2nd Monitor View

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Hello all,

I am a noob and love the game but i'm not computer literate at all.  i have tried all avenues to make my second monitor show an external view of my F18 with no luck(black screens, blank screens, screens that run together, you get it).

So, I have steam version of DCS latest version.

Primary monitor samsung 32 inch G5  2560x1440

2nd monitor HP 1920x1080

nividia RTX 2060 on win 10 I-7 computer

i would like my primary screen to remain like normal.

Would like 2nd screen (sits above primary monitor) to show an external view of the aircraft.

No fancy gauges or anything just an external view

The 2nd monitor is set up and working in windows.

Appreciate any guidance.  Im so lost trying to get this working



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Hi 1bigdog,

That´s a good idea, but I don´t think it is possible.


You can´t render the F2 external view on a screen next to the F1 First person view. They replace each other, they cant be placed next to each other.


In DCS if you have one or several screeens you can actually adjust the elements which display on your screens. You could take your MFDs and export them onto a screen. This is all posible.

It works like this: you create viewports "screens" and elements to fill these viewports (an element would be the player camera, or a multi function display of sorts). And I am afraid it isn´t possible to display the F2 External view port and the F1 viewport as at the same time.  I talked to a mod developer about this because I wanted to export the F10 map viewport. It turns out the map replaces your first person camera when it´s sellected, I assume the same applies for the external view.


Im attaching what it looks like when you are exporting two elements - MFDs in adition to the camera onto a screen. It´s unrelated but it helps you get an understanding of what is and isn´t possible in DCS. As said, Im afraid this isn´t.


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