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Finished my F-14A/B VR Pit.

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Looks great. Wish I could commit to flying one plane but I have some frankenmonster f18/16 hybrid. I have a question, were you able to get the bbi32 boards to pick up the toggles correctly? Mine seem to hate me and I cant get my toggle switches to pick up the correct presses. Any hints? I have a few on-off-on that will work correctly but that isn't even consistent for me. 

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That is awesome, how do you find it in terms of finding the right control a the right time? 

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How did you come about the throttles for your pit?

Win 10 - Intel I7 7700k@4.6ghz water cooled - ASUS Z270 -EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid - 1000W PSU - 32GB 3200 G-Skill- Oculus Rift S

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TM TPR pedals

Saitek Radiox2

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