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F5e crash because of Antimalware

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Had this problem that f5e module was constantly crashing whenever opening a mission. Possibly problem was with other modules as well but I didn't try them. After crashing whole module was erased from the inventory and I had to reinstall it again to make it show again. I found out that my Malwarebytes Antimalware program erased or blocked some dcs dll file for some reason and that caused it. I uninstalled Antimalware and that solved the problem. Had to be careful with these sort of programs because they seem to block all kinds of files that they think are malware.

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41 minutes ago, sanguis said:

. I uninstalled Antimalware and that solved the problem. 


Another option would be to configure a path exception within the Antivirus, so that it doesn't look into DCS folders.


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I used that AV prog for years - it has a very good reputation and they have discovered malware where no single other one did (such as the Discord one that they denied existed for so long and then finally gave in, after telling all their customers to just switch AV off - which is why I will never trust the Discord devs again).


One thing that concerns me about DCS World regarding MBAM is that when we had a choice of torrent or http downloading, if I chose torrent every now and then MBAM would flag a connection and stop it. That didn't make the download any slower - but it made me feel a lot safer. Now we don't have a choice, and that bothers me, because I stopped using MBAM and decided to just use the standard MS one. I really dislike downloading anything from the ED now - but it's that or have a huge amount of money wasted, so I do it and just hope for the best.


I'm pretty sure I still have a screenshot of one of the flags somewhere.

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