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Hi there. 

I was online on a PVP server. Took off in an f16. 


Took down 2 players - first one no real hard manoeuvres - second one a short hi g turn and lots of speed to get away.

Nothing too out of the ordinary and nothing prolonged for any length of time.


Perhaps a 90 degree hard turn and then a high speed 30 degree dive - got to around 1.5 Mach.


No biggy. Nothing too strenuous.


On my way out - i was left with just a single aim120 on the right wing.


Fuel was low but plenty to get home. Around 3000lbs i reckon. 


I was at around 30,000 feet. Had been burning for around 60 seconds and calmed to level flight.


Throttled back to around 95% mil power and was just feeling chuffed that I had battled it out and won.


Was flying nicely for around 1 minute or so and suddenly the aircraft slowly began to rise.


Ok. push forward slightly.. ever so slowly and it began to dip.




Then rise... and then dip. 


Had not taken a hit - not even a debris scratch.




Then it turned with a full rudder to the right. I saw it coming and managed to dip the nose to stop it stalling and flat spinning.


But despite the speed and height it would NOT stop spinning.


Now. I noticed when I looked back that the flaperons were at maximum! (like the ramp start procedure and you extend them to full to test)


Had the server got some sort of random failures per chance? Never been a big fan of random failures as these will always happen more than they would in reality. But each to their own.


Just never seen that before. I've had the f16 bounce up and down at certain speeds and dives. Again, another odd thing - but i can settle that with some height and throttle control. 


Now I am sure its all explainable, but it would be nice to know. Like i say, no chance of being hit by anything. No heat seekers and nothing going off next to me. Quite a clean kill from me.


Just very odd.


(ps. for what its worth - I was having problems with the keyboard. I went to type: "good fight bro" and i couldnt press the "G" key. Also, the D key was activating some sort of windows prompt. I rebooted the pc and the keyboard was fine. Any chance i had accidently hit something during the game which caused the F16 to behave strangely?)





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