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Unsynchronized Object spawns in Reverb G2

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Using my G2 I find that as objects (trees, buildings, ridglines) are approached the image is created in one eye prior to the other, temporarily creating a "cross eye" type effect. Haven't found the WMR debug tool to be any help with this however. Anyone else have this problem? It is unique to DCS, not a problem in my other simulators. I have gone back to the Oculus Rift for DCS as it does not have the same issue.

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There have been multiple posts about this on this forum as well as other community hubs, and ED, to my knowledge, hasn't directly acknowledged the problem to its full extent, despite the fact that it seems like a glaring issue for seemingly-all VR users/headsets that is immediately apparent upon spawning in-game and quite visually jarring. 


Under default DCS settings, objects like aircraft contrails and puffy-white-clouds (that's the technical name for em, I'm certain) only render in one eye beyond a distance threshold. Inside this threshold these appear to render for both eyes, but there's a very noticeable and large distance between where one eye begins to render the object and when both eyes render the object. 


For clouds and contrails, you can fix this by creating an autoexec.cfg file in:  C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config and adding this line to it: 



options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true


However, be warned, ED explicitly tells us not to do this: 



I have taken a look on my machine with the vive cosmos, it seems fine to me, but maybe different on other headsets? I have mentioned it to the team.


stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true is W.I.P and is not ready for use so be aware of that.




And they're correct to a degree. While using the shared parser will fix clouds and contrails, it will cause many lighting effects to render in only one eye. The most notable being cockpit flood lighting and lighting effects on object textures, the latter being most apparent at dawn and dusk (object will appear shinier in one eye than the other). In my opinion, this trade off is worth it in order to have contrails and clouds render in both eyes, but it is a trade-off and ED tells us not to do it.


I don't mean to insinuate that ED is intentionally ignoring this problem or purposely shelving support for the VR experience, but I am a bit discouraged every time I see this topic posted here or elsewhere, and always without any reassurance that measures other than the standard "mention it to the team" are in place to solve it. The optimist in me hopes the 2.7 cloud-update will happen to include a fix, but I'm not basing that hope on anything concrete.


In short, shared parser true or false, all you're doing is deciding if you'd rather have clouds and contrails, or important lighting effects render in only one eye. You can't have both, and neither option feels "good". 


It'd be a very appreciated fix across a sizable player-base. Let's all cross our fingers for luck and pray to the DCS gods for our eventual deliverance from this issue. 

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