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Shepherds to St. Omer P-47D Bomber Escort Mission

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Being quite disappointed that the Atlantic Wall mission didn't really work, I decided to make my own B-17 escort mission, and you get to share in the fun!!

In this mission you'll once again wing up with Colt Flight and Cpt. Bill Alton. But this time you'll be leading the second element. You'll form up with two boxes of B-17's in the vicinity of Manston and escort them to an attack on the German airfield at St. Omer. 75% of the bombers must make it back to the coast of England for this to be a success. And there will be plenty of flak and fighters to try and thwart that effort. Once again there's custom radio calls to punch up the immersions.



As always, comments are welcome. If you have an idea of how to make it better, let me know.

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