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No drag difference between a single rack and a double rack AIM 120?

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Here are 2 track files that shows that there is no real drag difference between a single rack and a double rack AIM 120c. Can someone confirm this bug?


Both tests are tested under the exact same conditions. I just set up the same standart mission in the editor on Persian Golf map. Startet at 20.000 ft with 300kn, flight duration about 3 minutes. I have 10% fuel load and unlimeted fuel acitated for the testing on both flights. Payload is:

Flight 1: 4 single rack AIM120 and the rest clean; Flight 2: 4 double rack AIM 120 and the rest clean.

As soon i get controll I go to full burner and put on the Autopilot (BALT and ATTH). There are maybe some small difference because the press of the AP doesnt get exactly the same millisecond.


With time stamps i get the following outcomes:

Singe Rack:   1 min = 462 kn, 1:30 min = 472kn, 2 min = 476kn, 3 min = 480kn

Double Rack: 1 min = 459 kn, 1:30 min = 470kn, 2 min = 475kn, 3 min = 479kn


Top Speed and acceleration does not really change because of single or double racks. This is really unrealistic, isnt it? Or did I miss something?

F18 RACK Speed Test 20000 FOUR DOUBLE Racks.trk F18 RACK Speed Test 20000 FOUR SINGLE Racks.trk

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I will run this passed the team. 


thank you


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