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pz kpfw iv ausf h vs m4 sherman

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I noticed in my "dynamic generated" ww2 campaign that my American ground forces were constantly obliterated by the German ones. Out of curiosity I made a simple mission test of a 6 vs 6 battle (attached). The second test is exactly the same as the first but with positions reversed, just to check if position was playing a role. I did 5 test for each (no time compression) and indeed the Panzers always manage to destroy all the Shermans with no or one loss.

Is this behaviour correct?

test_ww2_ground.miz test_ww2_ground_reverse.miz

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i believe the outcome gets exagerated because of the simplistic damage model and simple AI. i think the panzerIV was in general superior to the sherman, but in reality that would have not translated to such a clear defeat, as sherman crew would have worked around the shortcomings of their machine. dcs doesn't model penetration characteristics and such things, so the panzers will simply be modelled with more hitpoints and deal more damage...


in dcs you could also throw a lot (!) of scout cars against a tiger and they will eventually destroy the tiger by hammering it's frontal armor, while in reality they would maybe not produce any effect at all.

better damage modelling for ground vehicles is on  the dev roadmap, so this might hopefully change in the future...

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My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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