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Yaw trim vs. TAKE OFF TRIM indicator light

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When the yaw trim is not centered, pushing the T/O TRIM button does not illuminate the TAKE OFF TRIM indicator light. However, the stick seems to be trimmed to the proper takeoff setting. It's just the light that doesn't illuminate when the yaw trim is even just a tad off to the right or left.


The manual does not mention to center yaw trim before pushing the T/O TRIM button, or if it does, then I missed it in several places.


Is it correctly modeled that yaw trim needs to be centered for the TAKE OFF TRIM light to illuminate on T/O TRIM press?


I believe with asymmetric loadouts, like we often have on the hog, it makes sense to use yaw trim prior to takeoff.


Note, I've recorded the track in the latest Open Beta, but I've observed this behavior in the A-10C as far back as I can remember.






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