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Advanced Waypoint Actions that Interfere with Wingmen Engaging?

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Are there some Advanced Waypoint Actions that cause AI wingmen to refuse to engage bandits or ground targets? I am constantly having AI failing to call out or engage bandits while the 4-ship is merged in a furball. Other times they will call "tally bandit x-oclock" and then say "unable" when I tell them to engage. Do I need to clear Advanced Waypoint Actions from the flightplan to get them to comply with player commands?

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Hi, i don't think clearing Advanced Waypoint Actions will help, i had the same issue without any Action added.

I think is just how they behave - for example, if you order them to attack ground targets and at that moment they dogfight, he answer will be "Unable".

If you have Tacview, check what they doing at that moment, maybe they are busy 🙂

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Generally, only the ROE option will effect wingmen engaging targets. But, it's pretty easy to try deleting everything and seeing if it has an effect. The easiest way of troubleshooting AI problems I've found is to just start removing complexities until it starts working, then add them back in until you can isolate and replicate the problem.

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