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Hi everyone,


I don't know what's sometimes happening, but when I'm cold starting the F18, sometimes it turns itself off. I've noticed that sometimes the throttle goes off out of the idle position, and it's not an issue with the mapping, as sometimes it happens with me not touching anything.

Any idea of why could this be happening?

Also, when in a tutorial mission, is there any way to skip the messages? I've repeated some of them several times and I would like to go faster, but I need to wait for the narrator to finish talking.


Thank you

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For speeding up the tutorials, use LCtrl+Z to speed up game time and LShift+Z to come back to normal. LAlt+Z slows down time. You can speed up or slow down more, if you repeat the command.

As for the throttle going to Off, make sure that you don't have any double bindings for the IDLE/OFF position. Maybe they've been set up automatically for one of your input devices.

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Hi both. Sorry, I have the "Follow topic" on, but I didn't receive any notification.


Thank you for the LCtrl+Z tip, I'll try it next time.


Rregarding the throttle, I don't have any abnormal binding, as far as I can see, and this happens without touching anything in the keyboard, so it should be something in the joystick. But the Throttle off is bound to two spring loaded buttons, and I'm not even near that area when this happens. I'll try a cold start with an instant action instead of the tutorial, see if that does any difference.

Thank you anyway

2021-03-03 09_04_01-Clipboard.png

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