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Connectors in tanker

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Looking at the KC-130 model in ModelViewer, there is a connector called "Extension" (for drogue1 and extension002 for drogue2). That moves when extending the hoses (arguments 42 for drogue1 and 71 for drogue2).

I understand that drogue1 and drogue2 would be the point of contact (theoretically, because their position does not coincide with the one assigned in the lua).

We also have Rotation (Rotation002 for drogue2). Which seems to be the "center" of the vertical and horizontal movement (arguments 43 and 44 for drogue1, 72-73 for drogue2).

Does anyone know what the "Extension" and "extension002" connectors are used for. They are moved with arguments 42 and 71.



Thanks you!!!!

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