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FPAS Nav To field doesn't update when HSI is not displayed

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When the FPAS is on either DDI and WYPT is boxed through the SA page, if the HSI page is not displayed on a screen the FPAS page's Nav To: (and it's related entries such as time, fuel, etc) field does not update when scrolling through waypoints on the SA page.


However, if the HSI is selected on any of the other screens, the Nav To field will update in the FPAS as they are scrolled though with either the SA page or HSI page.





MPCD:  ADI/Tac (It is important that the HSI page is not displayed on any screen.)


Multiple waypoints entered into Hornet's navigation sequence.


Steps to repeat:

1)  In the SA page on the left DDI, on any valid waypoint box WYPT

2) Leaving WYPT boxed, and using the arrows, select a different valid waypoint.

3) Observe that the FPAS' Nav To: field (and it's related entries) does not update when selecting different valid waypoints through the SA page while WYPT is boxed.

4) With a waypoint selected that is different from the waypoint that the FPAS Nav To: is displaying, open the HSI page on the MPCD

5) Observe that the FPAS' Nav To: (and it's related entries) updates with the correctly selected waypoint.


Expected Behavior:

FPAS' Nav To fields should update as different waypoints are selected through the SA page while the HSI page is not displayed.


Attached is a track that shows the bug.




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thank you for the good report. 


We do have this issue already reported. 




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