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1. I have no idea how to check if this posts already exist so sorry for possibly creating new post didnt do on purpose



So the ka50 can lock air target with shkval and shoot down with vikhr

Why cant do same with su-25t

Aswell a video where one does it https://youtu.be/w_NFaz7ul_g


Would really like this,  working but is not


So.. Yes?

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You can shoot down air target with the Su25t and the Vikhr missile. You must set the targetbox to the right size. IIRC it must be set around 20 for choppers and jets and to around 60 for the big birds. You can change the targetbox with RIGHTcontrol + [ or ]. You will see a little number in the top right or top left of the skhval screen.

You can only change the targetbox when in A/G mode and with the shkval screen on

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