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Su-33 inflight refueling, can't call the tanker?

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I don't recall every step but what is missing is in the advanced waypoint options I suspect. Let's see...

Pick a refueling type plane and set it's task as a REFUELING. This is done in the main screen when you place the airframe on to the map.

Look at the advanced waypoint option - you should see "Tanker -a -ref" as you have already set it's task.


You need to activate a TACAN on the refueler as well: PERFORM COMMAND - Set the TACAN value. Channel X or Y and the channel. 3 letter callsign ARC TEX TKR whatever best relates to the callsign you chose for the refueler when you placed it on the map. This is what shows up in your HSI top left corner when you set your plane to the refueling planes TACAN to find it. Set the UNIT to the same value as the PILOT name on the right side. If you drop the list down it should see NOTHING or the pilot name - choose the pilot name. 

Another Advanced Waypoint Option: Perform Task : Set the ORBIT - You can set the pattern (racetrack or circle) and the speed here - note the speed of orbit and speed when you placed the airframe should match - say 300 kts or so. 

I think this should basically get you there. There are some good vids on youtube for setting up tankers if I missed something.
Russian planes do not normally have a TACAN.

Good luck and happy flying!

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