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C101-CC (Multi-crew) Rear seat (possible ADF BUG) Report

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Can anyone confirm the following?

- The ADF does not function in the Instructor (Rear Seat) of the C101-CC during multiplayer sessions

Is the ability to use the ADF receiver during multi-crew not yet implemented?

The ADF receiver is functioning properly in single-player modes in BOTH Front and Rear Seats of the C101CC


-Thanks for any info

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@Vibora Thanks for the quick response! 🙂

Are you able to confirm that we will be able to use the ADF to navigate to NDB's within multi-crew in a future update?

The C101 is an amazing aircraft and full functionality between front seat & back seat in the multi-crew is HIGHLY sought by thousands of customers. 

Hopefully this full functionality between front and rear seat will come soon.

Thanks again for your response, there is a large group of current and future customers awaiting an update from your great team at AvioDev. :clap_2:

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