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Hello everybody

I wanted to ask a question, perhaps trivial, but I did not find an answer by looking on the forum.
I'm creating a small mission with two helicopters that two can play in multipalyer, it was a simple mission, but there are still several triggers, explosions, and radio items. However, I noticed that when offline, I test one helicopter and then the other to check if everything works well, ok, but when my friend and I enter the server, many things do not work, or there are anomalous, such as loops that there shouldn't be and other things. Is there any way to test the mission on a servant alone?
For example, a very strange thing, if I fly alone in multiplayer, and I enable the radio from the F10 menu, it works, if I fly with my friend, it does not work, the key to activate the communication menu does not work at all.
Thanks for any suggestions you may want to give me.

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9 ore fa, Darkowl ha scritto:

You could start up a dedicated server on a different pc than login and play.



Thank you for your suggestion.
But I have a doubt, even if at the moment I don't have this possibility. It would be the same thing, that is, I enter the server to test the mission, but I would always be alone, with only one helicopter at a time.


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