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A-10C II: Iron Flag campaign demo mission by Baltic Dragon

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Hey guys,


I've posted it quite some time before, but now wanted to share the updated version of the first mission for the upcoming A-10C II Warthog campaign (which will also be compatible with old A-10 on release), called the Iron Flag


This project was in the making for some time with ups and downs related to real life stuff, but we're finally nearing completion of the first 11-mission part. This campaign aims at teaching you all you need to know about the Warthog from the very beginning in an entertaining and fun way. It is story driven (you are a former A-10A pilot going through upgrade training to the new Warthog), with interesting characters and lots of knowledge presented in pretty digestible (I hope!) manner. 


Grab the file HERE.


More info together with some preview videos by Bunyap can be found on my website


Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

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Hi, thanks for the upload. I tried the mission, but got stuck after during the testing of the flaps. I'm pretty sure BIFF mentioned something about the lights, which I neglected, so perhaps it is that. Anyway I had no clue how to proceed, I flipped all the lights switches, moved the flaps up and down, but to no avail. Having a way to recover after user error, or having BIFF repeat the last instruction would be nice option.


Until then, it was great, a very thorough start-up procedure that is way more entertaining than a checklist. Normally I follow a quick startup (I'm always in a hurry!). And for beginning virtual pilots this might be a better option. Well, perhaps you could consider this.


Thanks again!

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