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Option to specify final attack headings for JTACs in the mission editor

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It would be great if it was possible to specify final attack headings in the mission editor on the same place where you specify preferred weapon and designation for JTACs (FAC).


The automatic logic for this now is not advanced enough to properly assign this correctly with regards to giving laser guided weapons ability to pick up the laser spot and safety of own troops. As it is now you can be assigned a final attack heading and also be cleared hot with a laser maverick when you are flying facing head on with the JTACs laser designator.  I have described this in another tread without any response from anyone.

If it was possible to assign the final attack heading in the mission editor, the logic, which I guess is pretty complicated to get right could be as it is to me at least because it would at least be possible to specify it manually.

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I can add that not getting good final attack headings causes me to miss 9 out of 10 GBU-12s released against targets designated by a JTAC using laser. Its a randomized mission so I dont know his position every time I fly it. In the Hornet when im flying 15000 -20000 ft above the target. Since I get the laser spot tracker to pick up the designation I can confirm that the JTAC has the laser on the target as he should so the only reason I can think of is that Im not coming in from the right angle for the bomb to pick up the laser spot. In clear weather.

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