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JTAC and agm-66

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Hi, everyone. Does anybody know how to use agm 66 on f 16 via jtac, a lot of videos only at f18. i have a communication with jtac, but doent know where should i paste laser code in agm 66?

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Viper doesn't have laser mavericks so you will need to find the target visually to attack

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If you don't have a reference to find your target (e.g. a waypoint or a visual cue) but you have a TGP and JTAC lasering the target, you can always find the laser with your TGP LST and handoff the target to your weapon.

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On 2/22/2021 at 3:40 PM, web1984 said:

Ok, i wil try with TGP LST. You mean go to the preplan mode of the agm 66?


Let the JTAC laser the target as you would do with a LGB or AGM65E, he gives you a code to employ your laser weapon. Input that code in your TGP LSS (press the LIST button, then 0-MISC and 5-LASR to find the right DED page) and ask your TGP search for the laser (press the uncage button). Remember you should be at less than 10nm from the target (if I remember correctly the max range is 8nm to be able to spot the laser with your TGP. 


After you start tracking the target with your TGP it should be easy to employ any weapon you like.


Here is a video from the Grim Reapers that shows you exactly what I'm talking about:


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