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Mirage 2000 Damage model unrealistic

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Hi Sir,

I would like to report you that the damage model of the MK2 is absolutely not realistic in dogfight with guns impact.

The Mk2 can still flight with his full capabilities after heavy impact on the fuselage, with big holes, white and black smokes and even without the tail.

The damage model with guns is cheated and it would be awesome if it could be fixed.

Could you consider and review my request, I wish you the best for your fantastic work.

Best regards



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it is very true, the Mirage is unfortunately unrealistic as for its ability to resist to gun impacts. it is more like a "Tank". this as a whole, make the dynamic of the aircrafts in the DCS environment unrealistic. Some Dogfights tournaments even bans the Mirage to enter their competitions exactly for that reason. I believe that it is time for the Mirage to be equally resistant to impact like the other aircrafts in DCS, no more, no less.

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Moxie , 


you re not completely wrong, sometimes the DM is off big time. But then again, the Mirage is far from the only module with issues regarding DM. Can't say how many

times I've poured round after round of 30mm into the F-16 and the thing still keeps flying fine in MP. So it averages out somewhat.


Guess this hopefully is getting a re-work across the spectrum, when ED implements the new DM for newer jets, should be around 2024 or so.

Kind regards,


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