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Nav problems during start up.

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Problem is that when I turn the knob from "Norm" to "Nav" (Avionics Power panel) I am not getting the distance to waypoint and the "tadpole"  is pointing straight up. In the past this wasn't happening. Did something change in the last updates??

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Ensure if the align process was properly done. One update added some months ago was to ensure that you press enter on the UFC keypad on the first few seconds after turning the NAV knob to ALIGN to register current coordinates of the aircraft.

Alternatively, you can do inflight alignment after takeoff.

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Watch YT videos on start up. 2 procedures to align the INS. 

Stored - short alignment based on jets parked INS position. DO NIT accept L/L via ICP


Norm - full alignment. Accept L/L on ICP using Enter and dobber. 

in both situations, only turn to NAV when ALIGN flashes in the HUD


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Also make sure you're not rearming while aligning as that will rock the aircraft and mess up the entire process.

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