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Unloading Cargo while Stationary.

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Similar topics raised before, but worth a re-visit. 

SCENARIO:  You're making a single player mission.  In M.E. Triggers you select the Hercules  cargo lua. You then place Hercules in desired position with (say)a vehicle loaded. You want to fly it to another place, land and unload it with your Herc. stopped on the ground (i.e. not 'chute dropping it or doing a "touch & go" delivery). When you fly the mission and unload,  the vehicle rolls out beautifully and disappears into the bowels of the Earth because the program doesn't know where to spawn the identical vehicle.

It seems odd to me that the program doesn't just mark the spot where the unloaded cargo stops, and then use those co-ords. to place the new spawned vehicle. After all, something similar happens in airborne drops.

Another suggestion is just having an option for the unloaded cargo to stay stationary but visible.

I am without any programming knowledge and I would like to know if there is a reason for not doing it for stationary unloading. Or perhaps I am doing something wrong in the above mission editing procedure.

Can anyone help?


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The Hercules mod already support that. You need to load a script at the beginning of the mission.

Also, if you have any issue with the hercules it might be best to contact the devs on Discord (here)


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