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The 51st Virtual Fighter Wing is looking for Helo Pilots

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The 51st Virtual Fighter Wing has launched a new website! 51st Virtual Fighter Wing


Our intent is to provide a realistic experience within the confines of DCS and desktop simulations while keeping it fun and enjoyable for all. Our syllabuses have been developed by real world aviators with civilian & military aviation training backgrounds. Our goal is to ignite a spark within you and grow your desire to learn some of the more complicated aspects of aviation.


Our history dates back to 1999 with Jane’s and Falcon 4.0. We currently operating 4 squadrons, with the F/A-18, F-16, A10C, and Heli's. Wing events Friday's at 2230EST. Training Wednesday's at 2130EST. 


We recruiting for the following squadrons :

VFA-211 Checkmates – F/A-18
75th Tiger Sharks - A10C
1st Regiment Army Air Corps - Heli's
964th Airborne Air Control Squadron - ATC, AWACS, GCI, JTAC


Join us on Discord and make an application on our website.



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ATPL - B737 - Class I Instructor Rating - Seaplane

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