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Propeller modeling question. Solved

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Anyone know how to replace an animated propeller with a blurred image file half way through the animation using Blender?


Over 100 views and no one knows? Here is the answer for anyone else searching for this.


A VisibilityNode is the way to let an object appear or disappear with an argument. This is the only thing which has to be animated on an object directly. Select the Object which should get a VisibilityNode in Object Mode. Open dopesheet editor and switch to Action Editor. Create a new Action. Setup Export to EDM and argument. In Object Properties at Visibility there is a property named „Show in Renders“. Move mouse over it, change the value as you need and press „I“ to insert a keyframe. Change frame and the value and repeat. To export the VisibilityNode the action has to kept in the animaton data of the object. The animation data of the object is independent of the animation data of the armature.


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