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Reverb G2 or Rift S comparison and issues.

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I am an owner of Rift S. As I heard only positive reviews about the G2 especially concerning sharpness of image I bought one and compared the two. (I am not considering price and Facebook..)

Rift S +

1. Easier to set up nothing to tweak around.

2. Much better sweet spot. Just put it on and it is ok. You can look at the Hud and without moving the head you can glimpse and read an instrument.

3. Average temperature in gaming (I am in a tropical country) 55°C.

Reverb G 2 +

1.  A little Lighter to wear but must be adjuste correctly

2. Better sharpness

- disadvantage

1. Must find correct settings, much to download

2. Sweet spot small. Not possible to read an instrument without moving the head and looking at it.

3. Average temperature 80-84°C with same setting as Rift !

4. Lighting in play room must be right, not to light  not to dark- very sensitive in this respect.


The FOV difference is minimal 

Before installing steam VR, mixed reality, steam, Window MR for Steam, all needed for the Reverb G2, I have the impression that the Rift S was better in sharpness. Maybe those downloads interfere...

Considering the above points I think Oculus Rift S is better if fitted with a Seenheiser sound kit upgrade.


My ipd about 60.4

1-7 7700 not overclocked, 32 RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080TI

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I upgraded from a Rift S to the Reverb G2. And understand I was a huge fan of Oculus and a huge fan of both the Rift and then the Rift S.

But the Reverb G2 is now the only headset I use, much better in image quality on my end. I still have the Rift S as a backup just in case, but that would be the only way I would likely use it again - if my G2 suddenly died or something.

I use it daily for probably around 3-4 hours on most days and it has not had a glitch yet. Loving it.



Don B


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EVGA Z390 Dark MB | i9 9900k CPU @ 5.2 GHz | EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra | 32 GB G Skill Trident Z 3200 MHz CL14 | Corsair H150i Pro Cooler | Samsung 970 Pro, 970 Evo 1TB m.2 Nvme |VKB GF MK III Pro L Ultimate Grip| Virpil CM3 Throttle |Reverb G2 | Valve Index|

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I am also a former Rift CV1/Rift S user. There is no comparison in image quality. With a G2 I can read most cockpit panel labels and instruments without leaning closer or zooming in, very close to the quality of a 4K 2D display. The Rift CV1 required zooming to read anything. The Rift S was much better than the CV1 but the G2 is far better than the Rift S. I agree that the Oculus software setup and sweet spot are easier/better. My G2 has failed and has been sent back for a warranty replacement, but they are out of stock, so I am left waiting. In the mean time, I have used the Rift S again. Going back to the Rift S really showed me how much better the G2 looks. But at this point, I am using my son's Quest 2. Like the G2, it pretty much eliminates screen door effect, but all of the image data has to be compressed to go over the USB 3 link cable. After raising the frame rate to 90 fps so that I would see 45 fps in DCS and then maxing out the resolution to be as close to 1:1 with the native resolution, it looks pretty good, but is blurry compared to the G2. i.e. some gauges are still too hard to read without leaning in close. So, if you don't like the G2 for any reason, the Quest 2 is about halfway between the Rift S and the G2. But because the Quest 2 isn't native to the PC, it is a hassle having to get it linked up and making sure the mic works before starting DCS. The Quest 2 audio and mic are ok. I think the G2 is better.


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