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Loft attacks cannot be performed South to North

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We've noticed a strange behaviour when performing low level loft attacks with MK-82 slicks. When the IP is south of the target, the Release Queue does not move down the Queue Line during the climb, and weapons do not pickle. This is all in CCRP mode, using Pair released MK-82s. Only pairs were tested, no singles or ripples. Attacks using the same profile work fine as close as 30° offset from heading 000 in either direction.


In this image you can see the Release Queue is still at the top of the Line, despite the launch parameters having been passed a mile back. This profile should pickle the weapons at about 4nm. See bottom right of HUD where it says 2.8. The heading is a bit hard to make out, but it's 354.



Since the attachment size limit is hilariously small, I've attached a link to a zip containing the track and ACMI recording. All the attacks in the recording occurring at more than 30° offset show the Release Queue move down the line. I was just out of bombs at that point.



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Hi klumhru


sadly I can not use the track replay as it contains mods. 


If possible please reproduce in a single player mission it will reduce the size of the replay. 


thank you


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I have created a few tracks to send to you.

The bombs are releasing when they shouldn't be in CCRP Bomb 7. Additionally, the release cue never falls down. This seems to happen around headings close to 360.

CCRP Bomb 3.trk CCRP Bomb 4.trk CCRP Bomb 7.trk

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