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CJTF47 (MEU and CVW) are recruiting

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Combined Joint Task Force 47 are looking for pilots for the following airframes:





C-130 by Anubis


We are a MilSim light unit where we wish to fly to the best of our ability but do not have a 'yes sir, no sir' type of mentality. We have 1000's of pages of literature to help us learn the systems of each jet. We ask each pilot to choose a primary and a secondary airframe and we have a training server, known as the 'NSS', where we hone our skills. We are a relatively small group of pilot and are looking to grow. Do YOU want to grow with us? come visit out website here https://headquarters47.com/index.html and apply. We also have TS3 and discord but you will have to get in touch via application as TS3 is password protected and discord is only a secondary form of comms for the group.  


We also have members who are interested in racing sims and Star Citizen among others, if that also interests you. 

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