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Bug or ??? Left Engine died approaching Bighorn

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Flying mission 3, third or fourth time as my dogfighting skills are.. well, weak.  Hence why I love this campaign.


as I approached Bighorn, noticed an odd yaw and roll so I look at my master caution panel and see that the left feed ramps, etc, are lit, and looking at my engine readouts the left engine was dead.  Wasn’t able to restart it.


not sure if I did something wrong or what happened, but that was interesting.  Not sure if it was a big or just .. cool.


though I get to fly the approach again, I am getting to really know it.


great campaign so far, looking forward to more!



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Hi Dave,


No idea what happened there, it certainly wasn't scripted in the mission or anything like this. In the A model you need to be careful with the throttle, especially at high AoA. Maybe post it in the Heatblur subforum, maybe other people have better advice for you.


Enjoy the campaign!



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