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DCS CAMPAIGN FOR THE L-39 " Formation And Acrobatic School"

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You always wanted to be on the Breitling formation team of the L-39 or want to improve you're formation skills on the L-39. Or even maybe an IFR training flight.

See the source image

Now you can for free !!!


The makers of the Aerobatics School Part-1 'Aero Elite for the YAK 52 Aerobatics School Part-1 'Aero Elite' promised me we I can 10 people comment on the post telling me 'they want it too', and we have gotten 20 Upvotes on that post, Ill start working on it for us. Follow the following link :



DCS Campaign for L-39 "Aerobatic school": CombatSimulator (reddit.com)


The L-39 is perfect for it, because its designed as a jet trainer! and a step towards the MIG 23, MIG 29 or the SU27 or SU33. And the L-39 is also fully working in DCS, so it gonna be a blast!

I guess that it is a less popular aircraft than the F16 or F18, but it is such a lovely plane and not to difficult to learn

PLease vote on it and place a comment.


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