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CCRP drift correction excessive

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When bombing in CCRP with wind aloft the drift correction applied to the steering wing bars is many times more than required.With a wind strength of 10 kts blowing perpendicular to the bombing run heading after designation the into wind roll correction displayed will result in an impact point approx 600ft up wind from the designated target point. This is repeatable in SP and MP. In nil wind guidance is accurate. 

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Had the issue yesterday indeed. Totally broken. 

This, with ins drift broken and being unable to select bullseye on VTB bring back bad old memory where module was barely usable...

Hopefully the stable version won't be updated soon. 


Can you add a track file?

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Ok I made a couple of Videos that highlight the issue. while making these I discovered if INS drift is disabled in both the ME and the Special Options for the M2000C the accuracy is fine.

For some reason the INS errors are giving a massive CCRP wind correction I think.

Video one Drift enabled two passes perpendicular to the wind direction 10kts 


CCRP Drift error M2000C


Video two INS update then another pass on the same target under the same conditions results in smaller error. Note how much the WP cross has moved between the update and the bomb run.


INS update Then CCRP Drift error M2000C

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