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Playing with friend in mission that I've crated

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Hello all, 


I'm trying to get me and my friend to play one of the missions I've created and for some reason he cant get to the plane itself after we both get into the Briefing stage (he can see my server and can log into it but he cant get to fly the plane). 


I'm running a dedicated server through the DCS world server and I think I set it up correctly (ping settings and all). I also checked the mission itself to make sure I have both planes marked as "playable" one is set as a player and one as a client.. 


one more question around multiplayer - we where trying to make it happen through the "new server" option in the multiplayer but we cant find each other and it seems that we don't really know how to use this option.. 


Any ideas? help will be appreciated. 


thanks in advance.

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Not that it matters, but place all playable units as clients only.


The player mode is more for a single player only thing with one unit, so you don't need to choose what to fly.

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