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How do we find our strike target. IS there a stearpoint? Or do I manually find it?

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Just got the campagn and i went over the mountain of documents, Im flying the first mission and i see a ton of waypoints but i dont see what they points are in the kneeboard. I see my target on the KB but I found my targets coordinates in KB should I just manually add it or if its already added what waypoint would it be. I got used to missions telling me what each steerpoint was and what was bulls and this one is your target. kinda thing. Im down to learn I just wanna know what you guys are doing for this/

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Hi Rooster775, all navigation planning is done through the built-in mission planner.  Your flight will be selected when you open it and steerpoints will be clearly visible.  Your target, if one is pre-planned, is marked by a small triangle.


I hope this helps.  Thanks a lot. 

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