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Cockpit views with mouse

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Hello, sorry for the naive question, but in the cockpit view controls how can I make my mouse move through the cockpit up/down and left/right in fine modules like the F16, also how can I make the mouse wheel zoom in and out the cockpit?? 


Any help will be much appreciated!



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Hey Dieg, did not mess with mouse look controls for a long time but these settings should do the trick (should be the default ones too. If in doubt, click the "mouse" column so it is highlighted and then "reset category to default". This will reset the column to... well... default^^).


Double clicking middle mouse button (de-)activates mouse look, holding "camera transpose mode" lets you move your head sideways, up/down, forward/back. Mouse wheel to zoom.


Also make sure you're in the correct modules' section for the plane you'd like to make the settings when checking.


Hope that helps, have fun 07




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