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Buddy drops from MP when game is paused

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I am quite sure this is related to my specific networking, but I'm hoping someone else has run into and solved this issue.


When I host a multiplayer game, then a friend joins by IP, if the game is paused for even a second, the friend is disconnected from the server. If we reverse roles and he hosts the exact same mission, we can pause for several minutes, the resume with no disconnects on my side.


My setup is an Amazon Eero. I am hard wired into an 8 port switch connected to the main Eero. My desktop has a static internal IP and port 10308 tcp/udp is port forwarded to that IP. I've got a 1gb fiber connection fwiw. We're using discord for voice, so I've not bothered to port forward any other ports related to DCS. Is there a keep-alive port we need also?



Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro | AMD Ryzen 7 3700X | 32GB 3200 | PowerColor AXRX 6800XT | TM T.16000
F18 - F16  - A10II - AV88 - FC3 - T47 - CA - Channel/Nevada/Normandy/PG/Syria

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