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I saw an F18 dropping it's pylons, i want that to

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well crap, i was refueling and pressing F6 to laugh at the amraams. 
Saw pylons dropping and assumed it was from an F18. 

Are you telling me the F18 can NOT drop it's pylons ?

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The F-18 cannot jettison the whole pylon, just the rack that that the weapons are attached to

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The viper wing fuel tank pylon should jettison (has been reported to ED), pylon is permanently attached to the tank, and when E-J or S-J, the whole assembly is jettisoned.


Link with image of an external tank with pylon firmly attached, although very blurry.


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Pylons cannot be jettisoned, they are bolted to the wings. Weapon racks can be jettisoned and as Panther mentioned the fuel tanks are dropped with the pylon attached.



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