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LGB Toss Bombing - which bomb goes further ?

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It is so long since I did Maths at School, but assuming a 45 degree pitch up (= max range for throw?) and same speed, which of the 4 LGBs available to F-14 goes further? 


Is it a question of momentum or air resistance?


GBU-12 is only a 500lb weapon (slim design)

GBU-16 is 1000lb weapon

GBU -10 is 2000lb but looks "fat" but great for delivering serious "hurt" on target.

GBU-24 2000lb, but relatively slim.


 Of all the DCS aircraft that can toss in an LGB, the sheer speed available to the F-14 down low makes this an obvious candidate for trying this attack method against heavily defended targets. (4YA multiplayer server uses Predator UAVs over Red airfields with laser designation - an ideal scenario to practice with). 


Thank you all you budding Math genius's for your answers !

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Tossing, 😉, for range, with a GBU - larger weight plus greater speed at say a 40* climb release, will give large range only if you illuminate with the laser in the last 10 seconds of bomb flight. The earlier you sparkle - the range will reduce a little as it is no longer ballistic.

Dumb bombs, again weight and speed matter same as before, but in this case the higher the speed, the greater the miss distance down range.

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1 hour ago, Skysurfer said:

The GBU-24 once it gets the proper autopilot and flight model. It has a special low altitude release mode. 



About 10 miles from ultra low release then, but it would need to be dropped at the speed of heat since the moment it leaves the aircraft it will start to slow - drastically if it has to climb.


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Alien desktop PC, Intel i7-8700 CPU@3.20GHz 6 Core, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB RAM. TM Warthog stick and Throttles. Saitek ProFlight pedals.

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Thank you to all the above answers. 


I had a play today in instant mission (using the F/A-18 JTAC/AGM-65 training mission). By setting up the target as a waypoint, and using the HSD (Horizontal Situation Display Indicator) to give me steers and distance to run, I ran a series of runs @ 500KIAS (Full Burner!) at ground level. (Having set the bombing mode to Computer Target Mode and placed (designated) the HUD marker on the general target area from altitude/distance earlier).


After some trial & error, (you need to make a guess at which moment to pitch up) I found:


GBU-16 (1000lb) needed to be inside 5 miles at moment of pitch up

GBU - 12 (500lb) 6-8 miles

GBU 24 - just inside 10. 


I could "loft" at a shallower angle (20 degrees) and I found the -12 & -24 guided like a missile because (like @Skarp pointed out) I panicked and asked the JTAC to Laser On almost straight away.


Summary: probably useful in airfield attach in Caucasus or Iran (Gulf Map) where you could toss the "good news" over a mountain inside 10 miles and either remain or quickly get back behind terrain. Otherwise dropping from upper Block 2 or Block 3 (20-30,000ft) from distance is the answer. Computer Target Mode with a JFAC under the cloud layer is the other method that this is probably worth practicing for.


@Skysurfer Your info on the GBU-24 has captured my interest - maybe with this weapon being available to ED's favourite child (F/A-18) we might see some work on this.......


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