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new at DCS and .... VR / Controls

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Recently I bought myself the Index Valve and have had so much fun in VR... 
2 weeks ago I saw the VTOL VR and have had great fun BUT as i've flown a little bit of Model Helicopters and really are "smitten" with Helicopters I had to have a look at DCS and UH-1Y and so far i'm loving it...  :D  Before I move on to gazelle and the rest I feel the need for control :P 

I have "just" used the VR controllers e.g. grabbing the cyclic and collective stick which actually works fine ... with the exception of Rudder controlls which is just a little important ... ... In VTOL (poor comparision) I can just twist my controller for Rudder controls...

does any1 have experience with that for DCS?
e.g. setting up binds to the VR controllers?

or should I just get my on my wifes nerves and get the HOTAS ?

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Get the HOTAS, it'll be worth it.

There was a time, not that long ago, that old force feedback sticks where cheap on eBay. Unfortunately, nowadays it'll cost you as much as a new VIRPL.


There are a ton of options out there, and if you don't want to annoy the better half too much you can find a Logitech extreme 3d pro just about anywhere. I got mine for $10 at a pawn shop.


If you have a higher budget, there is no end to what you could get, but I always recommend the TM T1600M as the "budget" HOTAS. It even has a kit that comes with pedals on Amazon. You can get away with a twist stick, but I'd spring for pedals if you can make it happen, as a rotorhead you're going to be using them a lot. 

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Start doing some chores and whispering sweet nothings in her ear - then get a HOTAS. I have the warthog (and I am not recommending that based on cost alone though it is excellent) BUT what I am saying is keep in mind that a HOTAS that has a split throttle, such as for two engines, would allow you (in a helicopter setting) to use one side for the throttle and one side for the collective. Then with the stick and, yes, rudder pedals, you have yourself basically covered for choppers.

Good luck and happy flying. 

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I'd definitely go with a HOTAS. Even a relatively cheap one will be superior to using VR controllers. Waving your hands about in space with zero resistance gives you no "feel" whatsoever. It's doable (I did it myself for a while), but I don't think you'll ever have the same precision as is possible with a physical joystick and throttle.


The drawback is that occupying your hands with a HOTAS makes interacting with the virtual cockpit a pain... taking your hands off the stick, grabbing your VR controller when you can't see it, clicking a switch, chucking the controller back down before you crash. 😝  Thankfully most HOTASs have a decent number of buttons on them. DCS also supports setting buttons as modifiers, which allows for a surprisingly large number of functions to be mapped to one controller. I also have my G27 h-box enabled. Combined with my HOTAS, it means I never have to touch the keyboard during flight even in jet fighter, let alone a relatively simple aircraft like the Huey.

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I Use The Pro Flight x56 Rhino by Logitech: I Was like you are now. SO I wanted to spend my money wisely. I wanted a Good Quality middle of the road 1st time flight system that would give better then low end yet give me time to tell if 1.) I was going to like it. 2.) If I was going to stick with it. Along with the Stick and Throttle I also got the Rudder Peddles because EVERY PLANE AND HELICOPTER use them not your wrist twist. SO I Fly the UH-1 all the time with this setup and love it. THROTTLE is set up to work opposite of a AIRPLANE so push the throttle/collective forward increase the Pitch Angle pulling it back reduces the Pitch Angle Throttle is set to open full by any of the wheel buttons you wish. I use the round wheel on top of the Throttle for my UH-! Throttle as you will only open it full at startup then you should never have to us it again. MY Advice is to buy what you can afford without feeling overdone. WHO CARES it's your MONEY. I FLY ONLY IN VR. This setup works for me and I think I'm a Darn good UH-1 Pilot now. On the STICK I installed the lightest spring provided because on a Helicopter you most always are holding the stick FORWARD of NEUTRAL so the lightest of spring the better to keep wrist strain away. BEST OF LUCK. HAVE FUN. ENJOY.


DishDoggie Maker of



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