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I'm having awful problems with my BT broadband connection at the most critical times. As I live in a rural area if they leave things alone, I get a good enough speed to multiplay well. I complained and was offered 4G. I did a bit of research and there is nothing regarding port forwarding. Has anyone tried this? Any help would be great as I will stick with what I have until fibre reaches us.





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I'm gonna assume from your spelling of "fibre" that your're in GB ? 

Have you considered Starlink ?

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Hi Svsmokey


No I haven't. We are very limited here in the Highlands of Scotland. A real pain as some have it and others can't. I am hoping for the Fibre role out soon. We really are a backward country when it comes to internet connections and very slow speeds. I will have a look at Starlink



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98abaile, have you been able to port forward? After calling bt again and again, I am sure they are slowing my broadband down.


Everytime I have told them that I need the internet, bam, up it goes. In this country it is a case of rob Peter to pay Paul. Very sad indeed.


Update : After god knows how many engineers, seems today that the latest one found a fault in the wiring outside somewhere and they say it has been fixed. Did a test and happy with speed so lets hope it stays like that. Back to multiplayer !!

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4G is a mobile network and most times if not always all devices connected to it are in a CGN ( Carrier Grade Network ) behind a ISP operated BIG router, aka NATed and NO portforwarding is possible at all.


Even if it did, the ping/latency penalty is bad, not sure if it was usable for DCS where ping is very critical.


Just now, BitMaster said:




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I have a Netgear M1 connected to my home WiFi Mesh via the Synology Router with an O2 data sim. I installed an external 4G/5G antenna beside the satellite dish to get the best reception and to act as a bit of future proofing 


I can reach downloads in excess of 100 Mbps though I am pretty close to the cell mast. The ping is around 40 ms, so not too bad though do not use for multi player. This compares with 20 Mbps with fibre and a ping of 20 ms.


I did try a 3 Sim, which was cheaper and achieved 80 Mbps download with a ping of around 27 ms, but one weekend it was struggling to connect so I cancelled.


Vodafone somehow recognises that the SIM is not in a phone and tablet and throttles the connection to around 30 Mbps - if you have Vodafone in your area I recommend VOXI


Interesting thing is when you disconnect the broadband not only do you save money on the data contract but you can cancel the landline as well. Doesn't pay for the hardware but during lockdown a family of 5 accessing data was killing the broadband



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