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Servers in Australia

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Over the past week, the only multiplayer servers available are 3x 450 servers and on public server. All of which are the Caucasus map. The Syria map servers have completely disappeared. Is there something wrong with my settings or is there little interest in Australia? 


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I think with 24 million people living in Australia (plus 5 in New Zealand) you can hardly expect any big DCS community emerging in that region. I do see some Chinese servers online however, but mainly during my day time (your evening/night) with quite some players on them. Might want to check them out.



I got my X-55 from New Zealand by the way. Was cheaper by 50 Euros so I didn't mind waiting 2 weeks for it 😉

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Cold War 1947 - 1991

Helicopters Tournaments

Combined Arms Tournaments

You can help me with keeping up the server via PayPal donations: hokumyounis@yahoo.com

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