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Syria map airbase defence instant action hack

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So to try to beat this mission I’m doing the following:


I taxi straight out, arm the seat and launch immediately behind the two Vipers,


I am in full burner and turn immediately to a heading of 115 degrees and stay low while accelerating to M0.9


As soon as I reach M0.9 I pitch up to around 20-25 degrees and maintain full burner in the climb


Ill set ECM on to jam, fence in and switch on RWR / DL and go straight to AA mode. 

When I hear my wingman call mudspike, I tell him to engage bandits, I have no idea whether he does or not. Seems like he’s a pretty shit wingman. 

On passing angles 20, I come out of mode and go for auto acquisition of any aircraft ahead of me, they’re all hot and hostile, I start firing at every individual TWS lock that show a range of less than 30 miles, which by this stage they all do. The most I can kill in TWS mode is about three aircraft before I get shot down. If I go SAM defensive, I’ll miss that one but then I’m a sitting duck for the next and I can’t get into them. Beaming them (at 90 degree with chaff doesn’t seem to help unless I dive defensive) 

I’d appreciate any tips from some of the more advanced players. 

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Have completed this Instant Action mission once or twice.


My tactic has been to take off ASAP and accelerate/climb while keeping the incoming aircraft on my 3 o'clock. Once the main body have passed and/or been engaged by the F16s turn in and start lobbing AIM120s at the trailing SU34s. You have to watch out for the escorts turning in on you, but normally I find the enemy flights degenerate into a bunch of individual aircraft that can be picked off.


Your wingmen are good missile absorbers while doing this.

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