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when is F-16 slewable ACM submode coming? Also when F-16 markpoints coming?

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Dont get me wrong the currently existing ACM submodes bore (especially with JHMCS), hud scan, vertical scan are pretty good.

But when is slewable coming? And markpoints would be great to use for viper ground striking I think to mark out where some targets are.


That is all. I had a bit of a slump and and kinda lost interest in the viper for a while last month; I got the basics figured out already pretty well. There was not much new features in viper. But I went back to viper to learn air refueling and little bit about TACAN and ILS landings, to keep my mind busy so its ok. I've also been playing A-10cii and also enjoying the groundpound, its a very nice module for some relaxing ground strike in the afternoon.


Keep up the good work squashing bugs and bringing new viper features ED.


I think I will start playing some of my other modules like hornet soon also. 😄 Seems like its a very well fleshed out module with the carrier ops and ready made features. I will most likely go really confused about all the control binds though!



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