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Tactical Drop switch and saftey cover problem.

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If you bind the "tactical drop on" switch to a hotas button and press it without lifting the saftey switch first then the switch moves to the up position but the red arming light does not come on and bombs will not be armed. Grrr


I think it should automatically open the arming cover so you don't have to bind 2 commands to open it or at least allow it to arm the bombs when it is showing in the on/up position.

Mods I use: KA-50 JTAC - Better Fire and Smoke - Unchain Rudder from trim KA50 - Sim FFB for G940 - Beczl Rocket Pods Updated!

Processor: Intel Q6600 @ 3.00GHz

GPU: GeForce MSI RTX 2060 6GB

RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR2

HDD: 1TBGB Crucial SSD

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

Peripherals: Logitech G940 Hotas, TrackiR 5, Voice Activated commands , Sharkoon 5.1 headset. ,Touch Control for iPad, JoyToKey

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