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I've decided to practice my dogfighting skills in the Jug as they've become a little bit rusty so I've set up a simple mission.


The opponent is an AI Bf-109, Veteran difficulty.


I've attached a Tacview track file.

Even though I've won I feel like there's still lots of room for improvement.

I'd appreciate any feedback/advice/comments/anything.




Tacview-20210219-223214-DCS-P-47 Dogfight practice.zip.acmi

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Nice, one note you need to open oil cooler a little bit more, you were sitting at 100C not healthy for engine.

I7 8700k 4.7GHz, MSI Z370 Krait Gaming, Ram 32 GB G.skill, Palit Gamerock OC 3090,Hotas Warthog, T.Flight Rudder Pedals

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