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Expanded keybindings for BS?

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This request has been made before, and it's really a hope for the devs/mods to take it further to the team and see if it's anywhere in the near-term plans.


BS2 is obviously running the old limited keybinding scheme. Most of the bindings only have a single function that works as a toggle, instead of having alternates for us with better hardware where it would be preferred to have on- and off-specific functions. An example here could be the operation of the landing gear, only a single togglable button. Another one could be the selection of cannon, where us who have the Virpil CM2 stick could benefit of the sensors in the pull-down trigger to activate/deactivate the cannon on the Shark. There is much benefit to having the variety and I guess that goes without saying. @BIGNEWY or anyone else?


Thanks in advance! 

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