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Add a 'Scenery Objects in Zone died' condition

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An obvious mission goal would be to take out a bridge, factory or oil tank that's already on the map. Runways, too.


... except that currently, there is no way to detect if a scenery object like a bridge, factory or runway has been destroyed - even though these scenery can be destroyed (how cool is that! DCS never stops to amaze me).


Now, there of course is MIST, which supplies the really, really useful 'mapobj_dead_zone' function (turns a flag to true if a certain number of scenery objects have died within a zone) for exactly this purpose. Methinks it's a bit excessive to be required to load up MIST for such a fundamental function.


With an obvious nod to the great people who have made the great MIST lib - they are heroes to me! 🙂


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Big +1, this really should be a condition check (like Unit alive) under triggers. Similarly, we cannot do specific checks on specific objectID's (eg one specific building) without resorting to external scripting libraries. These functionality needs to be integrated natively in the mission editor, as the vast majority of AG missions will be directed against static scenery targets.

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