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Engines/Electrical suddenly shuts off and Canopy opens randomly

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Hey all!


New to DCS World, and have been doing the training missions using the SU-25T.


I can't get past the second landing mission, as in every mission up to that except the first one - I will be flying, and with no input other than moving my throttle or joystick, suddenly and simultaneously I will have my canopy pop off and the engines/electrical turn off mid flight. I have removed *all* keybinds for the canopy as well as the eject function and it still happens so I do not think I am accidentally pressing something unintentionally to cause this. I am able to turn the electrical/engines back on, but obviously I can't really do much if this happens randomly all the time, especially at critical moments.


I have attached logs, and have a saved copy of a track where this happens (though the track file is too large to upload here).


Thanks in advance for any input/solutions!


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An update,


I did more research, and was able  to resolve the ghost inputs. Please feel free to disregard/archive/remove this post.


For anyone curious/having a similar issue, I am using the X56 Hotas, and using separate USB port hubs for each the throttle and the stick seems to have solved the issue.

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Yea its a common problem the need for more power than is output via the port on most systems.

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