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Groups / Cargo loaded at mission start to disembark only

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This currently can only be achieved via third party tools.


I'd like to be able to start a mission with a plane / helicopter in-air, loaded with troops / cargo. For example, I want to start a mission with a flight of helicopters inbound that have troops loaded that disembark upon reaching the destination (no embark first)


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SWITCH/ONCE: Unit AGL lower than 2 + Unit Speed lower than 2 + Unit inside zone> Flag on 1
ONCE: Time since Flag 5> Activate Group

Make zone barricade out of Cargo F-shape barrier in the perimeter of the zone.. Or use Red Flags.

If you want to simulate the weight of the cargo
Once: Time more than 1> Set Internal Cargo on Unit (add mass)

Add the 'set internal cargo' on unit trigger to the activate group trigger, and reset cargo mass to 0.

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